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The need for car rental companies has grown and grown in recent years. More and more companies prefer to rent cars intended for the company and the employees, short or long term, according to their varied needs.

As part of the services it offers to its customers, Albar presents – car rental for commercial companies.
When deciding to lease a car for the business, there are several things to consider in order to make the best and most affordable choice.

On a regular or temporary basis – the business can choose the route of a regular hire for company employees, or a temporary route that allows for a specific hire period as needed.
The length of the term – it is suggested to consider in advance how long the car will be needed for and, accordingly, choose long-term or short-term rental. It is possible to rent a car for a few days or a week and up to several years.

The type of car – when deciding on the type of car, it is advisable to consider the position of the employee in the company, his needs regarding a car, etc. There are several types of cars suitable for any type of employee.

Small car  – more economical and suitable for employees who frequently leave town for meetings and need a nice small car for quick mobilization.
Standard car  – a standard sized car suitable for families, including 5 seats. Suitable for families, singles and young couples. It is the most common type of car.
Executive ca  r – larger cars suitable for company executives.  Luxury
Cars Fully equipped and delivering luxury  cars .

Automatic or manual transmission – this detail is subject to discretion depending on comfort. There are a variety of large cars with automatic and manual transmissions.
At Albar, you will receive the most personal and professional service until the creation of the fleet of vehicles that will meet your exact needs. Precise and flexible service that will meet any possible need.
The cars at our disposal are premium, uncompromising quality and in a wide variety of car types and brands.
Car rentals include 24-hour insurance and 24-hour service.



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